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Back to Nature Guide to Discus
Title: Back to Nature Guide to Discus.
Author: Dick Au.
Publishing year: 1998
Number of pages: 128.
Format: 170x240 mm.
Hardcover: Yes
Number of color photos: app. 290

Chapters: Discus for every hobbyist, Setting up for discus (The natural habitat, Your home aquarium The commercial hatchery), Selection and rearing (Purchasing your first discus, Purchasing an adult discus or a "mated pair", Rearing discus), Nutrition and health (The discus diet; Discus well-being), Discus breeding techniques (The breeding tank set up; Selecting the breeding pair; The spawning activity; Feeding the fry, Spawning difficulties; Raising discus fry artificially), Discus varieties (The history of colors; Developing your namesake discus; The discus varieties of today), One last note..

Published in: English, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese and French.

Distributor of respective language:
Swedish - Simontorp Säteri AB, Sweden
Danish - Simontorp Säteri AB, Sweden
German - Dähne Verlag, Germany
Dutch - Verduijn Cichlids, Holland
French - Aquatic Nature I.A.T, Belgium
Danish - Flyvefisken, Denmark
English - American continent - Cichlid Press, USA,
 - Australia - ABS Technologies,
 - South Africa - Akwa Pet Products,
 - Other places - Fohrman Aquaristik AB
 - Great Britain - J&K Aquatics Ltd

Discuses are by far the most elegant and regal of all ornamental fishes. At one time, they were extremely expensive and the varieties were limited. Today, as a result of hard work by hobbyists and professional breeders alike, they are becoming abundant and affordable. With names like Blue Diamond, Red Diamond, Marlboro Red, and Golden Sunrise, discus have color varieties sure to please any hobbyist. Be it in a decorated community aquarium or in a tank all alone, discus will add vibrancy and fascination to your hobby.

Information about the author:
Dick Au (San Francisco, California, USA) has been involved with discus for over forty years. His first experience with discus dated back to the early 1950´s when he observed the first commercial spawning of brown discus while working in a fish farm in the Orient. A well-known breeder of aquarium fishes, he consistently produces quantities of quality discus year after year. He has received numerous awards for contributions to the aquarium hobby as well as lifetime membership to several aquarium societies: Insisting on keeping discus as a hobby and not as a business, the author spends much of his time giving lectures at aquarium societies, judging fish shows, and writing about discus.

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