Back to Nature
The "Back to Nature" guide books are a series with basic aquarium guide lines. Every second year (approximately) there is a new book released.

They are all hardcover, plastic sealed and have the format 170x240 mm. All of them contain a lot of photos of high quality. The authors all have a long experience of the subject that their book deals with - Malawi cichlids, Discus, Catfishes etc.

The "Back to Nature" books are definitely worth its price if you look to how many pages there are, the numbers and the quality of the photos, the text by experienced authors etc. The reason for the price is being comparatively low is that their popularity makes it possible to print them in large quantities.

Each "Back to Nature" book is published in several languages (seven to eight) and it is today one of the most translated series of aquarium books on the market.

The "Back to Nature" Guide books are produced by the company Fohrman Aquaristik AB that is located in Sweden. The owner of this company is Kjell Fohrman who has been working in the aquarium trade in more than 35 years and as a hobbyist even more years.

For further information about each book - click on the cover of the book.

Back to Nature - Nanoaquarium    Back to Nature - L-catfishes    Back to Nature - Tanganyikacichlids   

Back to Nature - Malawicichlids    Back to Nature - Aquariumguide    Back to Nature - Discus    Back to Nature - Catfishes

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Back to Nature - Tanganyikacichlids    Back to Nature - Malawicichlids

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